SoulShapes – audio supplement from the Hungarian folk music of the Carpathian Basin

  1. Young men’s dance from Kalotaszeg, czardas and fast dance
  2. The ballad of László Fehér – recorder music from Somogy
  3. Cobza music from Moldavia
  4. ‘Listening’ tune and Vlach folk music from Szentes
  5. Walking and turning sections of a couple dance from Gyimes, verbunk, slow Hungarian and fastczardas
  6. Hussar march and swineherd dance from Somogy
  7. Bagpipe tunes from Nógrád
  8. Slow Gypsy dance, czardas in three tempos
  9. Slow and fresh tempo dance music from Szentes
  10. The ballad of Anna Molnár, ‘botosanka’ from Moldavia
  11. Lamenting song from Gyimes, slow Hungarian and shuffling dance music
  12. Czardas from Szék, Hungarian fast and slow tempo, slow and czardas


Attila Mihó (scholarship holder of the HAA) – folk fiddle 1, 5, 8, 12
Máté Vizeli (scholarship holder of the HAA) – folk viola, 1, 8, 12
Máté Tóth – double bass, 1, 8, 12
Domokos Szerényi – folk viola 8, hurdy-gurdy 4, 9
Béla Szerényi (academic of the HAA) – hurdy-gurdy 4, 9 ifj.
Béla Szerényi Jr (scholarship holder of the HAA) – E flat clarinet 9, recorder 6, gardon 5, 11
Zoltán Juhász (academic of the HAA) – bagpipe 7, long recorder 6, recorder 11
András Balázs Barabás – cobza 3, 10
Recorded in the RoLeBo studio in February 2023
Sound engineer: Levente Bors Rossa
Music editor: Béla Szerényi Jr